Creating Engaging Content For Your Target Audience

An interesting article by Blue Glass gives good advice on how to create content that will be noticed and engage your audience more than the traditional methods of advertising.

Your brand’s role in your content marketing strategy is no longer a blatant “call to buy” or visual homage to the company’s image; it is a conversation starter.

Long gone are the days of interruption marketing and calling attention to product features and customer benefits. Branded content, in terms of ads that focus and draw attention to logos and coordinate with your brand’s color scheme, are no longer desirable.

With today’s savvy consumers, your brand’s role must become muted and resourceful. Engaging content is now seen as a leading form of advertising. For example, Target’s new Chief Marketer, Jeff Jones, said: “The lines between products, services and marketing continue to blur. We will keep pushing ourselves to think in terms of content, not just campaigns.”

Read the full article, here.

You can also watch this video for tips on marketing.